Meet Our Healers


Tamara Morris ~ On most Saturdays during Faire, you can find Tamara just 'hanging around.' That is, from her Ashiatsu bars that are suspended above the garden and Stub Toe Lane. Tamara brings her unique specialty of 'barefoot walking', as well as her firm, deep, yet nurturing touch to many new and returning clients every season. She believes the garden is a magical place where her craft continually develops and friendships are formed that last a lifetime. Off season Tamara is mobile bringing on-site massage to many area businesses. She also does home visits-have table will travel is her motto! Tamara will be on sabbatical this season, but hopes to be back next season to revel in the Grove!  Practicing in Baltimore MD and neighboring vicinities.

Bill Haynes ~ Bill is a Licensed Massage and Certified Neuromuscular Therapist. His focus is orthopedic /sports massage. Bill has a both a private practice in Annapolis MD and sees clients at Sports Fit, Bowie MD. He has also taught at several massage schools in MD. Bill enjoys the calming environment of the ‘garden’ and meeting wayfarers passing through Revel Grove. He hopes that the benefits of visiting Her Majesty’s Healers last long beyond the gates of the village at the end of the day. Learn more about Bill at:

Eric Sumwalt ~ Some say  that Eric sprouted in the garden many years back from the essence of touch mixed with Miracle Grow.   Over 20 years ago he realized that the garden was not only his place of birth but a place to let his passion grow like a weed.  Now a Registered Massage  Prac-titioner,  you will find him relaxing souls, balancing energies, embracing CranioSacral Therapy (CST), and concocting  "Aromatherapy Potions". He practices massage with the concept that "less is more". Teaching massage, guest speaking on CST, owning his own  Aromatherapy company Earth's Essence, and practicing between MD and PA keeps his blood pumping. Come to the garden and embrace what he has to offer. 

Sandra Dowling ~ Coming from a professional background in Occupational Therapy specializing in hand therapy, with Johns Hopkins Hand Surgeons  followed by two decades devoted to raising her children, she finds herself bringing that sense of touch to an holistic approach to massage and energy work. Sandra states: “Ressurecting my love  of  the pagentry of the Renaissance era  with my affinity for nature was a great  attraction for me. Joining Her Majesty’s Healers seemed like a good fit. If I  were asked  to chose one word to describe what I bring to the ‘garden’ I would have to say ‘Enthusiasm’!” She is delighted that she will be offering Reiki this season. Sandra is a Lic. Massage Therapist practicing in Annapolis and Baltimore MD.

Karen Hunter-Dixon ~ Karen is a Licensed Massage Therapist, and a Certified Lymphedema Therapist. She has been with Her Majesty's Healers for 17 years. Karen sees herself as a shapeshifter, moving in and out of different roles within an awesome group of therapists. Her talent lay in her ability to bring you to stillness within the gardens magical arena. Karen has a private practice in Westminster MD and provides massage and reiki  services at The Women's Place, Carroll Hospital Center. She is on sabbatical this season.

Leeann Irwin ~ Leeann is a Licensed Shiatsu Therapist. She encourages you to come to the enchanted garden for a relaxing treatment. Having studied Shiatsu, Anma and Amma massage in Japan and China, Leeann brings her Asian specialty to the garden. Leeann enjoys offering Shiatsu under the trees, by the bubbling fountain with an occasional butterfly or ladybug stopping by. She practices in Annapolis and Takoma Park. See

Colleen Renahan ~  Colleen is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master. She taught massage for several years and currently works with Dr. Warren Silver in Woodlawn MD.   At Dr. Silver’s office, she is often treating his patients within days of MVA or other trauma. Colleen utilizes orthopedic, deep tissue and Rossiter techniques. While not yet certified as a Neuromuscular therapist, she has studied with Judity Delany and incorporates many of her techniques into her work. Colleen is an active member of both the National Capitol Area and Maryland Professional Sports Massage Teams. Working in the Garden has proven to be both spiritual and uplifting. She is looking forward to her second season with Her Majesty’s Healers.

Dana Coggan ~ Friends, Romans, countrymen lend me your ears… Our fair maiden, Dana, is back and brings with her 25 years of experience in health and fitness “As constant as the northern star”.  Besides performing various types of massage therapy, she is a certified personal trainer and has competed in many sports including bodybuilding, volleyball, swimming, and instructed aerobics among other sports.  Having scoliosis herself, Dana is very aware and can appreciate the chronic pain many of us suffer from due to various ailments whether we want it “To be or not to be”.  This year, in addition to the traditional styles of massage you may be familiar with, she will be introducing you revelers to Traditional Thai Massage.  This type of massage has the client remaining fully clothed while lying on a mat.  As you are resting on the mat, she moves your body through various relaxing stretching positions.  She also uses energy work and massage “Like a ministering angel” so you achieve a peaceful state of consciousness.  So come and get a taste of Thai – massage that is – medieval style!  Remember “To thine own self  be true” and treat yourself to a relaxing endeavor.  “Now go thee in content”.  Dana’s massage therapy and personal training practice is located at Sport Fit Fitness Club in Bowie MD.  Membership is not required for services. 

Dawn Showalter ~ Dawn is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master. She enjoys helping others and tailors her massage to the unique need of the client, be it  deep tissue therapeutic or much need relaxation massage. Come see her at Her Majesty's  Healers in the Revel Grove and let your cares melt away. Dawn practices in Glen Burnie, Linthicum and Pasadena MD.

Karen “Kay” Yonetz ~ Kay can be described as the sweetheart of both a bounteous number of festival participants, as well as, a regular following of patrons. She has been enjoying both working and cavorting in the garden for the past nine festival seasons. Kay adores reflexology and is quite fluent in Swedish, Deep Tissue and Myofascial bodywork. Being a Reiki Master, as well, she is always delighted when a patron requests this work.  Come ~ visit her in the garden this season and experience the rejuvenation of a massage with her.  Kay is a Licensed Massage Therapist  who works in both the Frederick and Waldorf area.